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Thank you for stopping by

Thank you for stoping by our online store. Chances are you came to an event and were captivated by the mesmerizing effect wind spinners create - especially in the dark!

Who is Spinner Magee?

We are a small, owner operated vendor business. You will typically find us at your local fair, home and garden show, Christmas bazaar, food and wine festivals, to name a few. We love to travel! We began this journey in 2008 in Portland, Oregon. 

What is a Wind Spinner?

Wind spinners are a form of garden/patio art, much like a wind chime. They are intended to spin and create reflections when the wind blows. The captivating effect wind spinners create are seen best in the evening in the lower light. 

To ensure wind spinners can withstand the weather, they are laser cut from ONE piece of stainless steel. They are then painted much like a car is - creating the reflective effect that is so mesmerizing. 

Why do I need the thing on the bottom?

This is the most common question - the tail that hangs from the bottom is a weight. It keeps the wind spinner from hitting the siding of your house. 

Thus allowing you to create your own custom wind spinner set! 

Vivid Mandala Wind Spinner

Dragonfly Wind Spinner